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Shirt Framing

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All of our shirts are sewn (not glued, stapled or taped) in place which means the process is totally reversible.

You are given a choice of wooden or metal frames and a large selection of border colours. We do not use plastic/resin frames for any framing and the finished items are glazed in your choice of picture framing glass. We only use acrylic/perspex glazing if we are specifically instructed to.

Our prices start at:


 from £120 for a cropped shirt (folded to show front or back)






 from £180 for a full length shirt (front or back)




We are also able to add text boxes, photographs, medals and pretty much anything else at additional cost.


We have endeavoured to standardise the pricing of shirt framing as much as possible to make it easier for customers to know how much they will cost but some, more intricate, jobs will have to be priced individually once we have seen all the items that need to placed in the frame.

Please feel free to contact us via our contact page or pop in in person to discuss your requiriements.

Over the last few years we have become specialists in the framing of sports jerseys. We are very honoured to be the supplier of all the end of season framing for both Exeter City FC and Exeter Chiefs Rugby

I don't like it when you see businesses claiming that they are the best at what they do, but i will say that I have yet to see anyone frame shirts better or more tastefully than we do. Which is one reason why we acknowledge that we are not the cheapest shirt framers that you will find on the internet. On that note, if you do see shirt framing offered for under £100 anywhere, you need to check exactly what they are doing with the shirt.

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